Car Modifications Nairobians Are Tired of Seeing

Article by Ian Munene
Posted: November 05, 2019  


As long as vehicles have been in existence, the allure to make vehicles stand out has from the rest has driven many car owners to push the limits on the modification scale. Not all modifications are bad. We have some pretty cool and measured modifications, but some could easily be a depiction of extreme limits pushed.

Let’s focus on some of the most annoying car modifications Nairobians are tired of seeing:


Needless to say, we may never understand the point of having a spade/shovel sticking out of the back of your car’s boot, but Nairobians who have had their vehicles modified in this fashion may be in a better position to explain the allure of this form of modification. These spades/shovels whose popularity grew suddenly over a decade ago, have since become annoying and cliche.

Loud Exhausts

Popularly known as mufflers, loud exhausts are at the top of the most annoying modifications there are. Of course they are not as bad as slow internet but somewhere pretty close on the spectrum of irritation. They’re commonly installed on vehicles to release a so called thunderous roar of power and authority as they move around. Not the worst of things for the car’s driver but to his neighbors and the on lookers made to sit though the annoyingly loud noises, it is pretty annoying.


Spoilers have been a motoring marvel for very long, Their use in improving a vehicle aerodynamics at high speeds cannot be wished away, and this is beside the sporty appeal they add to the overall look of the car. However, in recent motoring times the spoiler has become a great travesty to the original idea. Some drivers even have home made spoilers that rise dangerously above their trunks like oil rigs which kills the whole point of having the spoiler in the first place.

Led Lights/Stroke Lights

How bright/brilliant can headlights get? Well, not any brighter than a set of LED lights or strobe lights.

These illumination options usually glare bright. This modification in particular goes beyond being annoying and inconsiderate to fellow drivers. It is also an imminent road hazard to other drivers.

Blacked Out Tail Lights

In recent past, a new wave of totally blacked out vehicles and matte black paint have become popular among the car owning populace. Blacked out tail lights may seem cool but good logic shows that it is not. This trend has seen the normal red tail lights seem useless and unimportant.


What’s your car modification pet peeve?




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