Canvassing through NAICCON’s Evolution

Article by Oliver
Posted: May 17, 2019

NAICCON first opened its doors in 2014 to an ecstatic crowd of 600 people at the Village Market.  There was much to see and experience -from comic book stands to gaming experientials. Fans came dressed in cosplay, a genre that was beginning to take root.  In addition, the event also provided stands for audiences to have their caricature drawn.

NAICCON 2015 & 2016

In 2015, the event was held twice with the number of attendees summing up to 2700 that year. The increase of this number sparked the migration of the NAICCON to a new home, the Sarit Centre. That same year also saw the introduction of comics and coffee –a monthly meet up of comic book artists with over ten editions held.2016 saw the incorporation of a ‘4v4 Call of Duty’ gaming tournament.


This year played host to its very first LAN party where gamers brought their computers and/or console which were plugged in to the same network with crazy speeds, playing for over 24 hours. Winners at the competition walked away with a prize pool of Kshs. 100,000.

Its first Animation pitching Competition (Anicomp) -in partnership with My Child TV from South Africa and Churchill’s Laugh Industry- was also launched that same year. Winners of this competition flew to South Africa to benefit from training and production of their work.


NAICCON and PSG came together to give an experience dubbed ‘Asylum’. This saw the introduction of a fully-fledged eSports tournament with participation from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The event was privileged to host the regions qualifying leg for the Annecy MIFA pitching competition in Annecy France as well as a special screening of ‘FupiToons’, a Cartoon Network initiative.

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