Bottoms Up: Alcohol Delivery Services in Kenya

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Posted: August 30, 2017  

Alcohol Delivery Services in Kenya
Courtesy: Jumia Party

Whether its pre-game, a boozy afternoon indoors or a nightcap, you can now get your alcohol on demand, delivered to you almost as quickly as you can drink it.

Oaks & Corks

They are among the most popular alcohol delivery service in Nairobi. Just recently, they won the 2018 African Excellence Awards, hosted by MEA Markets for Best Alcoholic Beverages Retailer in Nairobi County.

This retailer boasts a wide range of products, with over 400 drinks in stock. Their prices are affordable and have an impressive 23-minute average delivery time. Just like the rest, they charge a delivery fee of 200 for orders outside Kilimani area where they are located and free for anything above 3000. Accepted forms of payment are cash, M-Pesa, or card (upon request.)

One thing that makes Oaks & Corks stand out from competition is their website; made with the complete customer experience in mind; very easy to maneuver around.
But don’t just take our word for it, check them out here- Try their service and let us know what you think.

Jumia Party
You can order beer, spirits, liquor, and wine on and get it delivered to your doorstep in an hour. Deliveries are made between 7am and 10.30pm, Monday to Wednesday and overnight, Thursday to Saturday. Items sell at retail prices, meaning you’ll purchase for the same amount you would at a supermarket. Delivery is free on any order above Ksh 3,000 and Ksh 200 if less.

The website has a clean design, is easy to use and offers a great variety of brands covering Pernod Ricard (Jameson, Absolut, Chivas), EABL (Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Tusker) and WOW Beverages (Jack Daniel’s) products. They also offer affordable Party Pack options with everything you need to get a party going: booze, cola, tonic, lime etc. You can order cigarettes too. They have good and quick customer support via phone, email and website live chat. Payment is only by cash on delivery.

Drinks Delivery
This is a service exclusively for EABL brands. Purchase is at recommended retail prices. Although it’s a bit of a surprise to find that some of their products are a bit pricier than they are on Jumia Party. For instance, a 750ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black costs Ksh 3,800 while you can get it on Jumia Party for Ksh 3,750. A 6-pack of Tusker Lite is priced at Ksh 1,120 on Drinks Delivery and just Ksh 1,020 on Jumia Party.

Delivery is free within 10kms of Kilimani, which is where the service is based. Outside of that radius, a fee of Ksh 200 is incurred, unless an order runs above Ksh 3000.  The delivery time within Nairobi is two hours and a maximum of 48 hours outside Nairobi. You can pay by Mpesa, Airtel Money, card or cash on delivery. Deliveries are made between 4pm and 12midnight. There’s a very helpful helpline and also speedy response on their well-run twitter handle: @DrinksDeliveryK. The website interface-– is a bit like cheap whiskey; it’s functional but bland.

Food is at the front and centre of Yum, but buried somewhere within the website-– is a pretty impressive liquor store. Their beers and spirits section offers up everything else that you won’t find on Jumia Party and Drinks Delivery. They have three menus, all with 60-70 minutes’ delivery time and payment options including cash, Mpesa, and credit or debit card:

Menu one is The Wine Shop Menu, where you can find wines from California, Italy, France, Argentina, Australia, Chile, and South Africa for every price range. The minimum order is Ksh 800 with an additional Ksh 250 delivery charge. The store is open 11:30am to 7pm daily and you can specify delivery to either be ASAP or scheduled.

The Yum Liquor Essentials Menu offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages including chamdors like Ace of Spades and top-shelf single malts like 15, 18 and 21 years GlenLivet’s. Minimum order is Ksh 1,000 and charges for delivery and service – both of which are fairly steep. For instance, if you order a Glenfiddich and Courvoisier, you will incur a Ksh 1,680 service fee to go along with the KSh 350 delivery fee. The store is open 11:25am to 9pm.

The Whiskey Farm Menu, open Noon to 9pm, is where you can find all kinds of whiskeys, bitters, brandys, rums, tequilas, and much more. The minimum order is Ksh 1,500 and you can choose to receive delivery immediately or at a later time. Just like the Yum Liquor Essentials Menu, there are additional (fairly exorbitant) charges for delivery and service.

If your loyalty is solely to EABL brands, then dive straight into Drinks Delivery. It’s also great if you have expensive taste because it’s where you can find premium single malts like a 16-year-old Lagavulin or a 15-year-old Dalwhinnie. Jumia Party is the drinker’s choice, delivering 24 hours a day and providing a wide selection of brands with a webpage or mobile app that’s a breeze to use. And as a bonus, it provides the convenience of ordering chasers and cigs with your booze. Yum has an impressive selection, stocking all the good stuff that you won’t find on the other two services. It’s a shame that this gem of a section is quite buried on the Yum website, almost impossible to find. To save you the hassle, type this on your URL bar:

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