Borrowed Embrace: Rowena Finds Her Daughter!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: May 23, 2022  

Rowena has finally found her daughter but getting her back will not be as easy as she had hopped. Her daughter was taken in by the nuns at the orphanage and later got adopted. Rowena hired an investigator with the money she inherited from her grandfather and was eventually able to trace her lost child.

It turns out that Duday, the girl that Miren and Adrian adopted is Rowena’s daughter with Benjo! Miren and Adrian were having a hard time getting over the loss of their own child but were able to recover thanks to Duday. Rowena, having experience the pain of losing a child, helped Miren get over the tragedy since the two are close friends. This however may change since Rowena wants to get her daughter back.

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When Rowena found out that Duday is her daughter, she went  to get her back from Miren. The two got into an argument as Miren refused to give Duday back. She has little support at the moment since Adrian has not recovered from his attack, after Benjo tried to kill him. She has had to deal with Hilda’s hostility too, who sent her to prison and took Adrian away.

Will Miren be able to keep Duday or will Rowena get her daughter back? Keep following “Borrowed Embrace” on NTV Kenya every Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm for more.

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