Binge Worthy Movies to Watch this December

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: November 28, 2019

Kick start your holiday. Put your feet up, grab some popcorn and a cozy blanket and get ready to binge:

Home Alone

This classic movie is a must-watch. We all know the story of Kevin who has been left by family when they go for a trip to France. Although he is happy to be alone to do what he wants, he has to fend off thieves when they try to break into his house. This movie is a nostalgic heirloom to pass on your kids and future kids.

The Night before Christmas

This vintage film is EVERYTHING!¬† Jack Skellington the ‘Pumpkin King’ lives in Halloweentown, but after another ‘horrible’ Halloween, he is bored with the routine. He ventures out into a dark forest out of the town’s boundaries and stumbles into Christmastown, a place full of cheer joy and wonder. Enticed by its grandeur, he decides to bring it Halloweentown.

The Grinch

Who hates Christmas more than The Grinch? He gets ever-so annoyed by the growing festive cheer that surrounds Whoville as each year they destroy his tranquil solitude. As the village declares to make the Christmas celebration three times bigger, The Grinch has to figure out a way to shut down the Christmas celebration once and for all.

Die Hard

Action buffs, all aboard! This action-packed film sees New York Detective John McClane travel to L.A to visit his wife. As he joins her at her office party at the Nakatomi Corporation building, the building is sieged by a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber. He plans to steal $600 million from the building’s high tech safe and not let any of the hostages go. It’s up to Dect. McClane to at least attempt to save the day. And this is just the first installment to the franchise.

Almost Christmas

There is no drama like family drama, especially during Christmas time. Walter, the patriarch, invites his children to visit a year after their mother’s death with the hope of bringing them together. This movie plays off the chaos that ensues when you are stuck with family, there are some hilarious moments and some heartfelt moments.


This movie set up for kids and adults. Buddy is a human raised amongst elves at the North Pole, he soon discovers that he isn’t a real elf and searches for his real father.

What are you watching this December?





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