Best. Orgasm. Ever.

Best. Orgasm. Ever.

Best. Orgasm. Ever.
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Something new, please!
Some preach that the best orgasms come out of such things as intimacy, foreplay, communicating with your partner, getting to know your body, practice-practice-practice…

Sigh. Old news…

Then there are those who celebrate the powers of ancient Indian techniques, ancient African techniques, sex toys, Kegel exercises, prostrate milking…

Yawn. Yes, we’ve heard about these all before…

So what’s new? What’s fresh? What are the latest tricks for getting those ultimate kicks?

Smoke weed!
"All my best orgasms have been high," according to ‘How to have better sex: get high first’.

Sure, a couple of glasses of wine can help you relax enough to just let go and orgasm all over the place. But alcohol can also make you numb and disembodied. Meanwhile, marijuana “swings you into the present moment and makes you more in tune with your body.”

“I think it erases a lot of our inhibitors. Like if we're carrying stress from the day, smoking will make us both feel less distracted and more able to just focus on pleasure,” says one expert.

“One hit is usually enough to relax and get us in the mood.”

Synch your rhythms!
“A person’s ability to give both themselves and their partner an orgasm may depend on how good they are at keeping a rhythm,” according to ‘Having an orgasm is like going into a trance’.

“Rhythm is a fundamental element of human life, because the neurons in the brain are constantly firing in an oscillating pattern. When an external stimulus – such as music, for example – matches the rhythm of these oscillations, our internal frequencies start to resonate with our external environment. This is known as entrainment, and amplifies the strength of our neuronal signals, leading to an increase in excitement and arousal.”

Such synching explains our love for music and dance – as well as thrusting.

As your brain “becomes flooded with waves of synchronised activity, certain regions responsible for self-awareness – such as the frontal and midline structures – become deactivated, suggesting that the feeling of sexual arousal totally overcomes our consciousness and sends us into a type of trance.”
Until: whammo!

Be a woman!
In case you are wondering who wins the orgasm sweepstakes: ‘Women have deeper and more varied orgasms than men: Study goes deep into the Big O’.

It turns out that we’ve all been much too weenie-centric.

“People talk about oh, you know the clitoris is a vestigial penis, or the vagina is an inverted penis. In fact, the penis is, if you will, a prolapsed clitoris. That’s how development goes. It doesn’t go from male to female – not withstanding somebody’s Biblical interpretation – it goes the other way.”

And since the naughty bits of boys are mere derivatives of the naughty bits of girls, this could explain why boys only have their one go-to ejaculatory orgasm, while women have a whole rainbow of “orgasmic patterns” to choose from.

Women have “a much richer set of patterns, where almost every woman is different, and maybe even every experience can be different, if different things are done. If different parts of the whole orgasm are (triggered by) different sensitive sites, the internal part of the clitoris, the external part, the cervix, the nipples or any combination thereof.”

And what do men have?

The fine art of orgasm control! 
“Edging, also known as orgasm control, is a sexual practice that requires a person to delay their orgasm. Those who do it say it leads to more intense orgasms once they are achieved,” according to ‘It's not a race: what we gain from sex without orgasm’.

“While both men and women can engage in the practice, the conversation tends to sway in one particular direction. After all, sex tends to come to an end once the man achieves orgasm.”

And that male orgasm usually arrives in between 3 and 7 minutes.

Meanwhile, women generally need between 20 and 40 stimulating minutes to have one of their fancy and variable orgasms.

“So here is where edging comes in.”

It turns out edging can involve such things as intimacy, foreplay, communicating with your partner, getting to know your body, practice-practice-practice, ancient Indian techniques, ancient African techniques, sex toys, Kegel exercises, prostrate milking…

Is there nothing new under the sun?

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