Be Careful with My Heart; Ser Chief is Courting Maya

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: August 23, 2018

It has been a long time coming but we are finally here! Ser Chief is courting Maya and the process has been everything we hoped it would be and more. Maya finally moved out of the Lim household after Doris took up the duty of becoming Abby’s Nanny. This seems to have influenced Ser Chief’s decision because he wouldn’t have been able to pursue Maya while she was still working in his house.

It all started with the kids’ prom when Maya agreed to be Nikki’s chaperone. Maya didn’t have a dress for the event and wouldn’t let Ser Chief buy her one. Ser Chief called Rafi to ask for her advice and she told him to send the dress so that Maya wouldn’t be able to refuse it.

Maya arrived at the prom looking stunning and Ser Chief was mesmerized for a second or ten at least.  He told her she looked beautiful but Maya said it was the dress. He later told her to accept complement because she was an attractive woman. Ser Chief acted differently with Maya that evening, his most surprising act being that he kissed her on the cheek after he took her home.

That proved to be a huge mistake because Maya did not know how to act and she spent days looking for all manner all ways to avoid seeing him. Ser Chief realized that he made Maya uncomfortable so he backed off a little to let her become accustomed to their different relationship. Luckily, he got sick and Maya always went to the house to visit him after school.

Ser Chief played it cool at first by sending Maya gifts such as rice porridge ingredients, a book strap, pepper spray; all things that Maya needed but didn’t ask for. When he finally sent flowers, Maya was taken back again. Ser Chief called to tell her that he wanted to take her out on a date, just the two of them. Maya agreed to it, although she still seemed confused about what was going on. We’ll have to wait and see how their date goes but what do you think about Ser Chief’s courtship?

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