Be Careful with My Heart: Ser Chief at Odds with Maya!

Be Careful with My Heart: Ser Chief at Odds with Maya!

It has been the most dramatic week yet on Be careful with my heart as the relationship between Maya and Ser Chief takes an unexpected turn!

It all started when Ser Chief gave Maya  a pair of shoes as a gift to attend a summit and she was so excited, she kissed a picture of him on her phone; one that she took of Ser Chief while they were on the trip to Baguio. Unfortunately for her, Ser Chief caught her and the question about why she had a photo of him on her phone ensued.

Ser Chief suspected that Maya might have a crush on him but Maya’s plan was to deny everything by going through with Sabel’s ingenious plan of taking photos of other people to show Ser Chief that she had photos of other guys on her phone as well. The plan was an epic fail because Maya ended up admitting to Ser Chief that she had a crush on him when she thought she was dreaming.

After the admission, Maya avoided being in the same vicinity with Ser Chief at all costs which was not easy because he wouldn’t let her! They both had to attend the aviation summit and Ser Chief insisted on having Maya sit with him but she was able to find excuses to escape him.

It was during these escape sessions that Maya met Sir James and he seemed to really like Maya. Ser Chief didn’t like him especially after how poorly he reacted when he found out that Maya was the Nanny of Richard’s children. James however managed to apologize to Maya and offered to help her get training as a flight stewardess since he was the son of Times Airways’ CEO.

Maya was excited about the offer so she told Ser Chief but he didn’t seem to think it was as good a thing as Maya made it sound. He told her that James was only praising her because she was his type and he saw her as someone he could toy with because she was a nanny. He added that he expected more from her since he was not supposed to be flirting with her boss. Maya took this to mean that she flirted with people to get ahead and she did not take it kindly! The two are now at odds and Ser Chief can’t seem to make Maya understand his position and why he reacted as he did.

What did you make of Ser Chief’s reaction? Did he have a right to tell Maya not to believe in James?




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