Be Careful with My Heart Finale Review

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: September 20, 2018

Be Careful with my heart finally came to an end last week after a 100 episode run. It was quite abrupt I must say but it was a good end to an exceptional show.

It was quite refreshing to see a Novela that did not follow the cliché Telenovela formula where shows are filled with melodrama, secrets and vengeance. The show had more of a romantic comedy kind of feel and didn’t have a villain to spoil the fun. Maya’s comedic timing was always on point and although Ser Chief was very grumpy in the beginning, it was a pleasure to see him ease up and smile a lot during the end of the show.

The actors were amazing as well, especially the younger cast. Abby, Ser Chief’s youngest daughter had selective mutism and couldn’t speak for almost have of the show and the young actress managed to play her role to perfection. Nikki, Luke and Nicolo also portrayed the struggles of teenage life and gave the show a good side plot.

Another plus for Be Careful with My heart was having a mature lead cast. This was great because the story had a more realistic plot line and was hence more relatable.

The last episode featured Maya’s lovely wedding to Ser Chief after a long but beautiful courtship. It was a long time coming for all of us and hence it was a befitting end to the Serye.

What are your thoughts on Be Careful with My Heart finale?

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