Be Careful With My Heart: Abby Begins to Talk

Be Careful With My Heart: Abby Begins to Talk

Ser Chief youngest daughter, Abby has begun to talk! This is a huge milestone especially for Abby’s Nanny, Maya who had a hard time getting people at the Lim household to trust her and they even had a bet to see how long she would last there. Some said a week and others a month but Maya has stayed longer than either one predicted and things keep getting better for her.

Abby suffered a psychological condition called selective mutism ever since her mother died and she stopped talking ever since. Maya being the enthusiast that she is and the face that she never stops talking has been a key factor to Abby’s recovery. Abby talked in her sleep and Maya was so excited, she woke up the entire household and asked Abby to say something. Abby however got overwhelmed and went back to sleep.

Ser Chief went to see a psychiatrist who advised him to be patient with Abby and not to force her to talk and if ever Abby spoke again, she told him not to fuss over it and to treat her normally so that Abby will not feel any pressure to talk. He also took Maya to see the doctor too so that she could learn how to handle Abby.

It had been three years since Ser Chief heard Abby talk and he stayed up with Maya in Abby’s room to hear her talk in her sleep. After three days, Abby finally said ‘good night daddy’ while sleeping and we got too see Ser Chief’s rare smile.

How did you feel when Abby began to talk?




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