‘Batman v Superman’ Review: Dawn of the Alien and Orphan Superheroes

‘Batman v Superman’ Review: Dawn of the Alien and Orphan Superheroes

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The moment before you watch this movie? Anticipation. The feeling you get after this movie? Exhilaration. The question on everyone’s lips: Who would win the fight, Batman or Superman?

By far, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has got to be thee most waited for movie of all time, with a superb script and even better cinematography. This was a clash between god and man, an alien and an orphan, an immortal versus a mortal, and a clash between day and night.

lex luther

The nemesis of them all? Lex Luther. The villain of all villains. The mother of all children with daddy issues. The mortal with the capability to destroy mortals and immortals alike.

Meanwhile, in their day-to-day alter-ego forms, Bruce Wayne trains hard to defeat Superman while Clark Kent works hard at being a noble journalist while romancing the love of his life.

The movie begins well, incredibly well, in fact. And so is the ending, which was a bit predictable to some extent, but extremely sentimental nonetheless. However, I got lost somewhere right between Lex Luther’s antics and too much crime fighting. Plus, why wasn’t there any humorous notes in the movie? I mean with all that action, you could pop a vein or something. But the dramatic effects compensated for the lack of humour, making the 2 and ½ hour long colossal battle really, really enjoyable.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn  of Justice is absolutely NOT for anybody who’s not had a background on who the superheroes are. This is a movie for the comic buffs. For the guys that lust after Wonder Woman, who want infinite power like Superman and gadgets like Batman.

One thing’s for certain, Ben Affleck is the best Batman of all time, as is Henry Cavill’s Superman. As far as movies go, I rate it a 5 out of 5 stars.
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