Asintado: Will Samantha Betray Salvador?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: December 05, 2019  

After Hilary and Gael both turned against Salvador, it now looks like Samantha is next. Samantha chose to stay by Salvador’s side after everyone left believing that he was the only one on her side in her fight against Ana.

Unfortunately, Salvador did something against Samantha. He kidnapped Samantha’s daughter, Eli and she ended up dying because of some complications. Salvador tried to cover things up but Samantha discovered things that led her to believe that he was behind it.

Salvador tried to blame Ana for Eli’s kidnapping but Ana was able to prove her innocence. He made the mistake of giving Samantha fake information but Sam soon found out that he was lying. She also found Eli’s things in Salvador’s house where he had kept her.

Samantha is now determined to uncover the truth behind her daughter’s death. She decided to team up with Hilary, Gael and Ana to bring down Salvador. Do you think she will really betray Salvador?


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