Asintado: Salvador kills Miranda

Article by Flora
Posted: January 17, 2020

Asintado continues with Salvador adding more names to his list of victims. The latest person to face him was Miranda and Salvador ended up killing her like many other who tried to bring him down.

The situation with Miranda however was different because she was Salvador’s accomplice and the brains behind his success as a politician. Miranda had always loved Salvador and she hoped he would leave his wife so that they would become a family. She later found out that Salvador withdrew his petition for annulment, meaning that he did not intend to leave his wife. It also did not help that Salvador was keen on killing Ana, even though she was pregnant with their grandchild.

Miranda therefore protected Ana and they teamed up to bring Salvador down. Miranda gathered all the evidence against Salvador and even agreed to testify against him. Salvador eventually found out that Miranda was on Ana’s side and he did not like it. The years they spent together did not seem to matter to him and he ended up killing her! What do you think of Salvador killing Miranda?

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