Asintado Finale: Ana Brings Down Salvador

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: January 30, 2020

Filipino Serye Asintado headlined by Julia Montes finally ended its run on NTV. The show followed the story of Ana Demasalang as she fought to seek justice for the death of her loved ones by bringing down Salvador Del Mundo, a powerful politician who killed anyone that stood in his way.

In the finale episode, Salvador refused to back down and went as far as kidnapping Samantha, Ana’s sister and Baby JR, Ana son. Ana decided the only way they would be able to live in peace was after Salvador was gone. She therefore put it upon herself and was the one who fired the bullet that killed Salvador.

Asintado was an intriguing drama about the relentless fight for justice and Ana’s tenacity showed viewers that we should never give up on fighting for what is right. Although it was a tragic end for Salvador, we eventually got to see a happy ending with Xander marrying Sam and Ana getting to live in harmony with her family.

What did you think of Asintado finale?

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