Andy Young on ‘The Mics are Open’: The Condom Burst…

Article by Oliver Nash
Posted: October 24, 2020  

Has Andy broken a new record for “The Mics are Open” podcast, yet again?

If you thought the events of 2020 were shocking enough, wait until you hear how Andy Young’s title almost transitioned from zaddy to “hey, dad!”. In the Oct. 16 episode, Andy, regarded as a somewhat conservative yet outspoken personality, revealed there was “a point in my life I was ready to be a dad”.

“Someone I was dating at that point…”, the 26-year-old began explaining, when he suddenly paused and dropped a bombshell no one – not even co-hosts G Money and Calvin – saw coming, “Ok the condom burst bro”. “We weren’t really sure [of the probability of a pregnancy]. So, she had to go get some tests done. Time slows down, damn. You’re like yo, I need to get out of this situation”.

Calvin and G Money did not hold back their remarks following the revelation. “Andy the condom burster”, jokingly interjected Calvin as G gushed, saying, “Let me give Andy a round of applause. Bro, that’s the deepest I think you’ve ever been on this podcast”. “I remember that whole day, I was getting myself prepared to call my mum, dad and go like…ah, so yeah!”, continued Andy.

Regardless, it is safe to say that he a fans’ favorite on the podcast. Case in point, on their July 10 episode, Andy confirmed to have pierced his nose– news that left listeners dumbfounded, contrary to his “good boy” persona. The “Breaking News” apparently shot up that week’s numbers, according to G Money. (Ps: Andy, it was a big deal!)

Watch the full episode, titled “For Me, It’s When Andy Said The Condom Burst!!”, on YouTube.

You can also listen to previous episodes of “The Mics are Open” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts.


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