Along Came Love: Will David Sell the Vineyard?

Article by Flora
Posted: August 13, 2020

The situation in David’s vineyard has gotten worse and he is considering selling the vineyard. Juan, who has been plotting to make his sell it contaminated the new batch of wine they had been preparing, wreaking havoc on their plans to launch it. They received hefty fines over breach of contract from clients who had ordered the wine, further complicating the situation.

All the workers at the vineyard hold a deep love for the land that helps them make a living and are not in favor of having it sold. Miguel and Luciana therefore rounded up everyone and asked them to pitch in so that they could get the funds to continue operating and hopefully get the vineyard back on its feet. David however refused their offer since they had worked hard to save the money they were now offering him.

Between Juan and the workers, David is caught in the middle, not sure whether to sell the vineyard or not. Keep following Along Came Love on NTVKenya to find out what decision David will make in the end. The show airs from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm.

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