Along Came Love: Sickness Looms at the Vineyard

Article by Flora
Posted: September 10, 2020

David’s vineyard is always battling a crisis and this time, it is a mysterious sickness that affected his workers. Juan seems to be the mastermind behind it as he continues his plans to sabotage the vineyard. He bought illegal pesticides for the vines but Miguel caught them in time before they were used on the vines. He therefore had them returned and reported the issue to David.

The workers who handled the pesticide ended up getting sick from chemical poisoning. Tano, Leon, Ramon and Susan had severe fevers and Marta ended up fainting at the main house. Fortunately, received treatment from Cesar, David’s friend who is a doctor.

For Juan, things did not turn out as he had intended. David got mad at him for putting his workers at risk and fired him. Moreover, Luciana who had decided to leave the vineyard, decided to go back to look after her family and help at the vineyard as the workers recovered.

Keep following the show to find out how Juan deals with this new crisis. You can watch Along Came Love on NTVKenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00pm

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