Along Came Love: Miguel and Luciana are Over

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: January 28, 2021  

Miguel’s relationship with Luciana came to crashing end after Miguel realized that Luciana did not love him. He came to this realization when the two fought over David and his continued attention towards Luciana. With things over between them, Miguel decided to leave David’s vineyard, as there was nothing left for him there. Erika, the owner of the neighboring vineyard asked Miguel to work for her instead and Miguel agreed.

With Miguel gone, David is now ready to pursue a relationship with Luciana. It helps that Graciela is in Spain and therefore not around to ruin their progressing relationship. David is however worried about his children and how they will react to his relationship with Luciana, so the two of them decided to take things slow.

When Graciela found out about Miguel and Luciana’s break up, she grew anxious. She is most eager to return to the vineyard but she has to finish working on her paintings for an upcoming exhibition. With the return of Graciela, it will be interesting to see how she plans to win David back and end his relationship with Luciana.

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