Along Came Love: Luciana is Back

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: December 17, 2020  

Luciana eventually had to leave the vineyard after her work Visa was denied.  She left for Mexico for a few weeks with her brother Leon while David and Marta worked on getting her a new visa. They sought Brian’s help, a former immigration officer and he was able to secure Luciana an interview with the American Embassy in Mexico. She was able to return on a 6-month Visa, giving her enough time to process her work Visa.

With Luciana’s return however, things are not the same. She arrived to the news of David and Graciela having an intimate moment together. She confronted David and he explained that there was nothing between him and Graciela. Luciana was upset because David refused to formalize their relationship because of his children but it seems Graciela is not a problem. David conveniently pointed out that Luciana did not have a right to be upset because she was dating Miguel.

On the other hand, Miguel has been getting chummy with the neighbors daughter, Erika. The two became close while Luciana was away. It now seems that Luciana has competition with both David and Gael. How will the show continue with Luciana’s return?

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