Along Came Love: Juan Unveils His True Intentions

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: February 25, 2021  

The vineyard is facing a crisis after Juan finally revealed his intentions to take revenge against David. He holds a deep grudge for David because he blames David for his father’s death. He, therefore, worked hard to sabotage David’s plans for the vineyard and destroy his wine business.

Juan’s chance came when David gave him full administrative control of the vineyard while he mourned the death of his wife. Juan damaged the wine they were set to launch, putting David into a dire financial situation. He hoped that David would sell the vineyard in order to recover but Grace arrived and bailed out David with a hearty investment. Juan then bought banned pesticides hoping to destroy the vines but Miguel put a stop to it.

Juan’s winning moment came when David decided to purchase a neighboring piece of land to expand his business. Juan stalled him and instead bought the land for himself. David got angry when he realized that Juan had betrayed him. Juan did not hold back and finally revealed that he always hated David and only worked for him to take revenge for his father’s death. He declared war against David and made it clear that he would not stop until David was ruined.

With Juan’s thirst for revenge, David’s vineyard might face more problems in the future. Will they be able to overcome it? You can follow the intrigues on NTVKenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm

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