Along Came Love: Has David Given Up Luciana?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 08, 2020  

The relationship between David and Luciana continues to be as tumultuous as ever. The two admitted to having feelings for each other but being together will not be easy. This was after David told Luciana that he needed to focus more on his children and would therefore not be able to pursue a relationship with her. He went ahead to give his blessing for her to accept Miguel’s affections.

Saying it is one thing but David’s reaction shows that he is definitely not okay. After Luciana agreed to be Miguel’s girlfriend, David has been in a perpetual sour mood. Recently, Luciana and David asked for permission to get a few days off together but David would not agree. His excuse was the amount of work piling up at the vineyard and refused to admit that he was jealous.

With Graciela in the picture, it’s not only David who is dying of jealousy. Luciana as well is upset when she sees David with Graciela and ends up forgetting that she is now seeing Miguel. With this complicated situation, do David and Luciana stand a chance?

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