Along Came Love: Graciela’s Plans Ruined

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 29, 2020  

Graciela continues to lay her plans in an effort to win over David. After killing her own sister, it seemed easy to win his affection but she did not foresee the appearance of Luciana. Since Luciana is currently dating Miguel, Graciela has yet to give up. She is trying to get David’s attention by using his own children. While this plan is going well with Fernanda, Bobby is not an easy one to manipulate. Recently, another person entered the picture to ruin Graciela’s plans, her manager Joselo.

Joselo is from Spain and happens to be Graciela’s boyfriend. He followed her to the vineyard in the hope of meeting her family and making their relationship official. Unfortunately, Graciela only has eyes for David and only uses Joselo to help her succeed in her art career. She is adamant on keeping him away from David and hence sort to ask help from Juan and Lilian. Ever the opportunist, Juan made Graciela give him part of her profits from the vineyard sales in exchange for his help.

With Joselo temporarily taken care of, Graciela convinced David to go on a trip with her to market their new wine, also a perfect excuse to be alone with him. David eagerly agreed, hoping keep his distance from Luciana. He however decided to bring his children along for the trip, once again wrecking Graciela’s plans.

How far will Graciela’s plotting go? Follow Along Came Love on NTV Kenya from Monday to Thursday for more of Graciela’s intrigues!


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