Along Came Love: Graciela Wins Points with David

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: May 06, 2021  

Graciela’s plans to win over David seem to be reaping rewards as she gains major points with him. She started by winning over David’s children hoping it would be her ticket into his heart. First, she uses Fernanda, David’s daughter, to make him break up with Luciana. David had no choice but to do it because of Fernanda’s declining mental health. Fernanda relied heavily on Graciela to recover, marking Graciela’s first win. Graciela was credited with helping Fernanda pass her exams to get into college after she failed the first time.

With Fernanda easy to control, Graciela went ahead to win over Bobby, David’s son. She used Bobby’s love for football to get him into a prestigious training camp. Bobby used to be much closer to Luciana but now sings praises about Graciela.

To solidify her standing in the family, Graciela made the ‘difficult decision’ to take a break from her work in order to focus on the children. Although David made it clear that Graciela should not expect anything from him after all her ‘sacrifices’, he appears to be somewhat moved by her endless dedication to him and his children.

As Graciela inches her way towards David, it is now harder for him and Luciana to get back together. Will Graciela manage to completely win David over? Follow Along Came Love on NTVKenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm to find out.

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