Along Came Love: Graciela Kills Perla!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: July 08, 2021  

Graciela has added another murder charge to her list of crimes, this time murdering Perla. She first committed a crime by killing her sister and David’s wife, Lisa. The only person aware of this was Juan and he constantly blackmailed her using this knowledge.

Graciela has been trying to win David’s affection ever since Lisa died. Unfortunately, David ended up falling in love with Luciana so Graciela worked effortlessly to break them apart. Eventually, Luciana left the vineyard and Graciela managed to convince David to marry her. He proposed and the two of them are soon to be married.

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Graciela’s plans however took a turn when Juan demanded money from her and threatened tell David about her involvement in Lisa’s death. Juan asked his girlfriend, Perla, to get the money from Graciela because the police are after him for crimes he has committed as well. During the meeting, Graciela had an altercation with Perla and ended up shooting her. Perla died and Juan ended up taking the blame for her death. Graciela was at ease until Juan sent her a video that captured what happened and he asked for more money from her. With the video, he can prove that Graciela killed Perla, and ruin her relationship with David.

Graciela is desperate with the fear that Juan might expose her crimes. How long will she be able to keep this a secret? You can follow Along Came Love on NTV Kenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm to find out Graciela’s fate.

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