Along Came Love Finale: A Happy Ending for David and Luciana

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: July 22, 2021  

Along Came Love ended this week on NTVKenya with a happy ending for David and Luciana. Before they could live their happy ever after, the two had to overcome some trying moments.

Graciela had managed to win over David by convincing him that she was the mother his children needed. Unfortunately, she killed Perla and Juan managed to capture the crime on tape. He first tried to blackmail her for money, but he broke his promise about keeping quiet and exposed all of Graciela’s crimes on the day of her wedding. He first told Lilian, Graciela’s mother the truth behind Lisa’s death. Fernanda also found out that Graciela killed her mother and finally realized that her aunt had been manipulating her in order to win over David. Lilian was broken after finding out the truth and ended up killing Graciela when she confronted her.

Juan had the pleasure of telling David that he was about to marry his wife’s killer. He tried to kill David but the police arrived and arrested him for the numerous crimes he had committed. Eventually, Lilian was arrested for Killing Graciela.

After the incident, David apologized to Luciana for failing to see the truth about Graciela. He wanted them to get back together but Luciana asked him to help his children get over the ordeal they had suffered. In the end, she had to choose between Miguel and David, and since her heart always belonged to David, she chose him.

The finale saw many happy moments for other couples including Leon and Sonia who got married, and Marta and Ramon who moved in together.

What are your thoughts on how Along Came Love ended?

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