Along Came Love: David Proposes to Graciela

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: June 17, 2021  

David and Graciela are now engaged! After formalizing his relationship with Graciela, David sealed the deal by proposing to her. Graciela had a hard time winning David’s affection but she was eventually able to do it with the help of his children. She did this by taking over the role of the mother that Fernanda and Bobby have been missing ever since their mother died. When David saw the positive change in his children, he decided it was a good idea to give them the family they had lost.

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The news of the engagement came as a shock to everyone at the vineyard, especially Luciana who was the most affected by David’s decision. Following his relationship with Graciela, Luciana decided to leave David’s vineyard and work with Miguel at the neighboring vineyard. With Luciana away from David, it has become much easier for Graciela to advance her relationship with David.

Will David proceed with his plans to marry Graciela or will he try to get Luciana back? You can follow Along Came Love on NTVKenya from Monday to Wednesday at 8:00pm

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