AfyaPap Review: An App That Helps Manage Diabetes

AfyaPap Review: An App That Helps Manage Diabetes

AfyaPap Review: An App That Helps Manage Diabetes

A new mobile app promises to make Kenyans with diabetes and hypertension feel amazing in no time. AfyaPap developed by UK based tech -company Baobab Circle is a handy companion app that provides the user with personalized lifestyle and physical tips on how to manage their condition.

To achieve this, the app calls on the expertise of a network of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and health professionals who on set up, annunciate: “Diabetes is our passion”. Tips and notifications are issued through the app’s visually engaging chat feature which incorporates Q&A, gifs and even emojis.

The community section of the app is where you can check out FAQ’s about diabetes and hypertension catch up on all the previously answered questions asked by other users. The app’s most personalized features are in the health section which comes with capability to diarize your blood values. Here, you enter daily readings of your blood sugar and blood pressure which the professionals can track and use to give you advice. It also asks you to input your mood using these ranges: terrible, bad, good, terrific.

“The unique aspect of this tool is that it relies on user data to generate regular alerts which cut out the need to perform searches that produce inconclusive or irrelevant information,” said Baobab CEO Dr. Precious Lunga.

And while AfyaPap’s ambition is to improve your life living with these conditions, it is perhaps important to know that the app will ask for some personal details before you can begin using it. This includes your mobile phone number, names, date of birth, gender, and if you’re female whether you’re currently pregnant.

AfyaPap is available on android. Download it for free on the Play Store. Be sure to have enough space on your memory stick, the app comes in at 27 megabytes.

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