African Apocalypse: The Horrors of Colonialism

Article by The Editor
Posted: November 18, 2021  

What do King Leopold, Cecil Rhodes and Charles Elliot have in common? They were the figureheads of colonial atrocities in Central, South and East Africa respectively. A lot has been written about them posthumously and exposed their vicious acts in the 19th century. But not too many people know about the horrors committed by Paul Voulet in West Africa.

African Apocalypse is a 2020 documentary film directed and produced by Rob Lemkin. It features Femi Nylander and portrays a journey from Oxford, England to Niger on the trail of a colonial killer called Captain Paul Voulet. Voulet’s descent into barbarity mirrors that of Kurtz in Joseph Conrad’s book Heart of Darkness. Nylander discovers Voulet’s massacres happened at exactly the same time that Conrad wrote his book in 1899. In Niger, Nylander meets Nigerian communities along the route of Voulet’s trail who live with the ugly legacy of his destruction.

Watch the horrors of colonialism unravel in this documentary now showing at Unseen Nairobi by getting your tickets from KenyaBuzz.

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