Adulting 101 : What I Wish My Parents Told Me Before I Moved Out

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: June 18, 2019

Moving out for me was something I really anticipated. After staying with my parents for 18 years, then living with housemates at a private hostel in campus and later with my sister after campus, I yearned for when I’d move out.

I looked forward to making great meals, sampling new recipes , decorating my space with items that speak more of my taste and not functionable hard metal double-decker beds that I was used to in high school and campus.

My sister’s place provided all that. However, being an introvert, I like having quiet weekends where I spend my free time with books, movies, side projects, music and cleaning. This was not always possible with my extrovert of a sister who has a gazillion friends and plays the Saxophone. In addition the commute to work was draining and so moving out seemed like the easier, affordable option.

What I Wish My Parents Told Me Before I Moved Out

1. The New Place Will Be Uncomfortably Quiet

This is a new chapter. Use it to discover yourself.

Even as an introvert, the level of silence will shock you. Sure, you can fill it with music, and movies and any other noise but the silence is there in the background. Friends will leave after the house warming party leaving you with four staring unfamiliar walls.

Use this quiet time to listen to yourself and your thoughts. Get to know yourself and don’t try to fill the silence with noise. Cherish it. Learn to embrace solitude.

When I moved out I started reading and writing more, listening to relaxing music and reading some more. Take this chance to hone your craft or work on your creative projects.

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