Adieu 2018! 5 Trends to Leave Behind

Adieu 2018! 5 Trends to Leave Behind

From the Wakanda Forever salute to the resounding return of the bob cut braids, 2018 gave us some cool trends that we hope will stick around. But there are a few trends that are a bit, uhm, so last year and we’re ready to kiss goodbye.

Fur sandals: Fur sandals make me want to stop a cop and ask them for their driver’s license.  Just like that statement, they make no sense. And we thought crocs were bad!


Bora uhai: Our own version of the French phrase ‘c’est la vie’, this defeatist phrase which was ubiquitous in social media timelines simply has to go. We’ve got to do better in 2019, KOT.

Cardi B Meme: The internet memed 5-year-old Cardi to death. Maybe we all need a bit more Cardi O than Cardi B this new year.

Overpriced dashiki/Kente jumpers: Regular jumper cost – Ksh. Reasonable price. Regular jumper with a touch dashiki or Kente cost – a Ksh. 1,000,000,000. Please staaaaaap! Let’s make our humble African prints pretentiously high-end. #Savethedashiki

Fake flexin’ for the gram: Remember the #KobiKiharaChallenge? Learn from it. Please and thank you.

Challenges everywhere: The Kobi Challenge was just one of the many annoying social media ‘’challenges’’ people indulged in. Here’s a mind-blowing revelation; you don’t have to turn every little trend on the interwebs into a challenge. Really, you don’t.









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