A Sprinkle of Adventure for Valentine’s

A Sprinkle of Adventure for Valentine’s

Breakfast in bed, candlelit dinner, expensive jewellery, roses, chocolates, romantic movies; these are all time-honoured Valentine’s Day traditions that any partner in a romantic relationship would appreciate. But they can all easily become dull and predictable when done one too many times. So, why not do it differently this year and add a bit of adventure? You can’t go wrong with these experiential Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Go hiking: This is one of the best ways to draw closer to your partner. A challenging activity leaves your vulnerabilities open for your partner to discover while at the same time highlighting your strong traits. You will both be able to understand each other’s abilities and limits. Start small by hiking the Ngong Hills, or Mount Longonot, or the Aberdare ranges. Check out groups like the Kenya Museum Society and Summit Seekers Kenya who organise group hikes for as low as Ksh 2,500 per person.

Recreate your first date or honeymoon: “Nostalgia – it’s delicate, but potent… It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone.” We can’t possibly add to these apt words spoken by Mad Men character Don Draper. The ecstasy that comes with finding the right partner is so addictive in a way that your mind and bodies connect, so, why not remind yourselves of that special feeling of falling in love that only a first date can conjure. Or, recall the sheer joy of getting hitched by booking a trip back to your honeymoon destination.

Helicopter ride above the city: There’s something unbearably romantic about seeing the world from above. Soaking in the beauty of Nairobi’s diverse landscape – game parks, hills, valleys, the bustling metropolis – together will make for a perfect Valentine’s Day memory. If your relationship happens to be on the rocks this Valentine’s, this chopper trip will also give you a sobering perspective and make your issues seem small. This premium experience comes at a premium cost too. If you can spare Ksh 200,000 for an hour, then you’ll surely get your money’s worth. You can hire a helicopter and pilot from the Wilson airport.

Tandem jumping/bungee jumping/ziplining: If you are adrenaline-loving couple then you should try an extreme activity together. The thrill and rush will have your hearts pumping and shoot your ecstasy levels high. Kenya has spectacular sites; The Forest in Kereita is perfect for ziplining (Ksh 2,800 per adult), Diani Beach is your go-to for sky diving (the Ksh 43,000 fee is inclusive of a professionally edited video of your once-in-a-lifetime experience), and you can visit the Rapids Camp in Sagana for bungee jumping (Ksh 8,000) or Savage Wilderness for white water rafting (Ksh 8,000).

Take a road trip: There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road to help you connect. A road trip is all about adventure, discovery and spontaneity- the journey is the destination! With the right music and attitude, a road trip can create new memories that will last a lifetime.  All you need is a full tank in your ride.

Love is beautiful. It may have its ups and downs but in the end, two people who love each other will always find ways to make it work. In the words of Mignon McLaughlin “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”




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