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A Simple Solution for the Cynical Dater: DateME Kenya

27 Aug 2013 | By Linda Kimaru

A Simple Solution for the Cynical Dater: DateME Kenya

I’m not really sure how much a date in Nairobi will set you back these days but I am certain of one thing; the dating scene is murky to say the least. Do we even call them dates anymore?

The chance meeting in pubs that continue after that first encounter and the stumbling into a relationship by accident. The clandestine meetings shrouded by late nights and secret phone calls and not a single message throughout the weekend.

Somehow, by some cosmic ‘Eff you’ from the universe or by our own doing, dating has become one of the most central and difficult part of the professional’s life. Where are they expected to find someone to settle down with when they don’t have the gear because trust me, it’s a battle field out there.

Even when you do strap on and get ready to go out and search, where’s the time? We’re always looking. We’re looking for time to look for the people that we would like to find time to date. It’s vicious. 

The answer is simple. Well, perhaps a little unexpected, not entirely new but simple. Get online. We’ve found it so easy to share our lives on the internet, so why not let it find your happily ever after as well? I’m not talking the dingy websites equivalent of those seedy clubs in town. I’m talking about exclusivity, adventure and the kind of security everyone needs. The only dating website you’re going to find this is DateME Kenya.

A Simple Solution for the Cynical Dater: DateME KenyaThe man behind the genius site is Ian Isherwood. “There’s a gap in the market and here I am.” he says. Indeed he did and the rest will be history once the website inevitably becomes hugely successful. The site is about a month old now with a little over 60 subscribers.

Why are people paying to be on this website to try and find adventure and/or a partner? That’s easy. It’ll offer you something no one else will – the guarantee that you will have a good time. The best way to think about DateME Kenya (and online dating) is like a really great party. 

You’re invited and everyone is a stranger. Safe strangers though (Ian goes to extreme lengths to keep con men, married people etc. off the site). Anything can happen here. You could get the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to if someone posts a ‘Date Idea’. This is one of the best features on the site. You’re able to post date ideas that you would be interested in and this is one of the ways you get to narrow down the compatibility list.

A Simple Solution for the Cynical Dater: DateME Kenya

Not to mention, it gets the conversation started. You want to go jump off the side of a mountain? I'm pretty certain someone out there shares your passion for the extreme!

So how does it work? You don’t get a free trial. No one does. And no, it’s not about a money hungry website owner who wants to retire comfortably by the beach. It’s about giving you privacy and protecting the integrity of the site. By the time you spend KSH 4,000 on a dating website subscription (which is just one of the options, see the rest here) you’re definitely serious about the whole thing.

It seems to me that we’re fed up of meeting assorted idiots and DateME Kenya is just another way of helping you weed them out.

Of course, as with everything, there are no guarantees that you will meet the love of your life. Then again, there’s no promise that you won’t. They key, Ian says, is to keep an open mind. Don’t view it as a place to just meet a significant other. It’s all about the adventure. The stuff that happens in between like meeting people with common interests for great brain picking sessions is the kind of thing that you should get on the site for. Consider everything else a bonus. 

A Simple Solution for the Cynical Dater: DateME Kenya

The single person’s cry has been heard loud and clear by Mr Isherwood and he responded with a very clean, user friendly and safe site for anyone that’s looking. The future looks good for the site with exclusive events, special offers and more in the works for members. There is no better place to start your adventure. 

Visit the DateME Kenya website and meet someone amazing!

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