A Place in Your Heart: Sean Loses his Memory!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: September 16, 2021  

Sean proposed to Audrey but the two of them were not able to have their wedding ceremony as they intended. Katharine kidnapped Audrey on her wedding day and tried to kill her but she was able to escape. She survived the ordeal and settled for an intimate civil wedding with Sean.

The newlyweds’ happiness was short-lived because Sean went missing a day after the wedding. He went to see the men Katharine hired to kill Audrey, but instead, ran into Katharine. Since she had faked her own death, Sean went after her.

Katharine and her mother, Shirley tried to get away from Sean but he found them. He planned to file charges against Katharine again for the money she stole and for faking her death. Katharine was not willing to go back to prison so she shot Sean. He fell into a hole at a construction site and hit his head. This is what caused him to lose his memory.

When Sean woke up, he could not remember marrying Audrey. He still thinks that Katharine still his wife and does not recall her betrayal. He therefore defended her against his mother, Elizabeth, and Audrey. The situation has forced Elizabeth and Audrey to accept Katharine back into their lives, with Audrey staying as Sean’s nurse. Will Sean ever regain his memories?

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