A Place in Your Heart: Katharine Loses her Baby!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: November 15, 2021  

Katharine has lost her baby with Sean! After she found out that she was pregnant, she was able to use the child as a way to seek sympathy from Sean and eventually made him drop the charges against her. This caused problems between Audrey and Sean, because Audrey did not agree with Sean’s decision.

Audrey decided to leave the house after an argument with Sean over Katharine. She later went to a party with Debbie and George to unwind and forget her marital problems. When Audrey got a little too drunk, George brought her to a hotel and took advantage of her. Audrey filed charges against him but later found out that she was pregnant. It was not good news for her and Sean because there was a possibility that George fathered the child.

Sean had a difficult time accepting the situation but he eventually got around to it with Elizabeth’s help. Elizabeth asked him to accept the child because it belonged to the woman he loved. Katharine was hoping to use the situation to cause a rift between Audrey and Sean so she was not happy to see Sean accept the child. She and Shirley plotted to make Audrey lose the child.

The man Katharine hired to stab Audrey failed to execute the plan, making Katharine furious. She refused to pay him so the man stabbed her instead. It was because of this that Katharine lost her baby. She however refused to tell Sean what happened and continues to carry on the ruse that she is still pregnant.

What will Sean do when he finds out that Katharine lost the baby? Keep following A Place in Your Heart from Monday to Thursday on NTV Kenya at 8:00 pm

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