A Place in Your Heart: Katharine Kidnaps Audrey

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 12, 2021  

Sean recently began showing signs of recovering his memory after spending time with Audrey. This was bad news for Katharine, who has been taking advantage of the situation, hoping to steal from him once again. She therefore sought the help of a doctor and found medication that would continue to suppress Sean’s memories.

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Although Sean’s mind is altered, his heart had been leading him towards the right direction. He began to have feelings for Audrey, which he denied at first because he thought that he was cheating on Katharine. He therefore asked Audrey to leave his house because he did not want to be unfaithful. Later, he received a receipt for a ring that he bought and David explained that Sean bought it for his wedding to Audrey. Sean started to have doubts about Katharine and decided to meet Audrey to hear what she had to say about their past together.

Katharine did not want the two to meet and jeopardize her position so she kidnapped Audrey and had her admitted at a mental hospital. She then took the wedding ring from Audrey and told Sean that he bought it for her because she lost her own ring. Unfortunately, no one knows where Audrey could be and the nurses at the hospital will not let her go because Katharine is paying them. Will she be rescued?

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