A Place in Your Heart: Katharine is Back!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: August 12, 2021  

Katharine left a year ago after stealing over 90 Million Pesos from Sean. As his wife, Sean had entrusted her with his clinic but she betrayed him by taking loans from the bank with the business as collateral. She eventually fled with her lover, Gian, leaving Sean in ruin. He had to close down his clinics, leaving only the main branch open. With Audrey’s help, he eventually managed to get the clinic back afloat.

Meanwhile, Katharine enjoyed the money she stole with Gian but her happiness was short-lived. Gian used the money to gamble and got into illegal businesses, putting both of them in danger. He cheated on Katharine and mistreated her so she tried to escape from him. Gian would not let Katharine go, so he hid her passport. Katharine ended up burning Gian with a scalding pot of oil in order to escape from him.

Katharine now returns with the intention of getting back together with Sean. She is pleased to see that his business recovered and believes he will forgive her for what she did. Will she be able to get back on Sean’s good side?

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