7 Reasons You NEED To Dine At Nyama Mama

Nyama Mama, a modern day African roadside diner, opened doors to its flagship restaurant at Delta Towers (Westlands) earlier this year. After a successful opening of Nyama Mama Xpress Yaya Centre and Village Market in 2016, the new outlet introduces a host of yet more innovative dishes and Mama’s famed signature cocktails. I had the pleasure of sampling their new menu at the Delta Tower branch and was completely blown away. 

1. The Ambiance

Nyama Mama Delta Towers 

Nyama Mama has a quaint boho feel. It immediately makes you relaxed and at home. Everything is so well thought out. They have really colourful and cheerful decorations, which are complemented extra well by the vintage furniture and cutlery used in the restaurant. The outside section is very relaxing to sit at as well. And don’t worry, it’s completely covered from the top so you don’t have to suffer through earthly elements like rain ruining your meals. It’s all so serene and perfect. ?

2. Mama’s Medicine 

From Left: Pith Helmet, Charcoal Pit, Mom's Pom

These are some of Nyama Mama’s signature cocktails. Quick interesting facts about all their cocktails is that they don’t use any syrup or sugar additives. It’s all natural. So if you’ve been avoiding cocktails all this time for the sugar content, this is definitely for you. 

Mom’s pom
Glorious scent, and tastes just as good. If you love earthy, spicy cocktails, this one is a MUST have. Don’t let the spicy part fool you, it’s the good kind of spicy that anyone will enjoy. If you’re above 18 that is. I also really loved the presentation in the small bottles. So cute.

Pith helmet
Created from a blend of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Coconut water, and aged clementine zest, this cocktail was a little too strong for my taste but I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate it. The scent of the clementine adds a nice touch to the strong taste. 

Charcoal pit
This is exactly what is sounds like. A charcoal cocktail. It wasn’t the best cocktail I’ve ever tasted, but mostly due it being extra hot and spicy. I also had my reservations about ingesting charcoal but it's apparently fine to take. The more you know right?  

3. Dessert Cocktails

Mama Shake

Mama shake
Whoever thought popcorn and alcohol could make such a fabulous combination? The mama shake is definitely a strong contender for the BEST cocktails ever made! If you love sweet tastes, ice cream, strawberries and of course popcorn, this needs to be on your to-try list ASAP!

Nutty rock 
The nutty rock is for the most part just like the mama shake, except instead of using strawberry flavors they use chocolate. The popcorn is coated with chocolate syrup and the alcohol mixed with chocolate flavor. This was my favorite drink to have at the restaurant, and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone! 

4. Breakfast 

Fried Chicken Waffles 

The breakfast offering at Nyama Mama is nothing short of amazing.  Instead of taking on the crispy texture of traditional waffles, the Nyama Mama fried chicken waffles have a slightly softer, more fluffy texture that mimics banana bread to a ‘T.’ Plus, anytime there’s fried chicken in the mix, I say it’s a party. The banana bread was just okay but the chocolate zucchini bread was totally to die for. Nyama Mama has mastered their Zucchini recipe to the max. The chocolate adds so much more richness and depth of flavor to this marvellous creation. So consider breakfast at Nyama Mama an absolute party in the mouth.

5. Brioche French Toast

Brioche French Toast with Chai Poached Pear w/ Honey Yoghurt and Almond Granola

The brioche French toast is also among the breakfast offerings the restaurant has but I honestly felt like it needed a category of its own.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate foodies dream. Everything about it was stupendous, for lack of a better word to explain just how good it really was. The caramelized bananas, roast pecans and maple butter syrup all added to that rich savoury taste of what I imagine happiness tastes like.
The brioche was paired with chai poached pear with honey yoghurt and almond granola which was very creamy and sweet. These two marvellous creations complemented each other really well, and when you manage to find yourself at Nyama Mama, please make sure you have this, your taste buds will thank you for it! 

6. The Main Dishes

The chicken 65 is one of Nyama Mama’s signature main dishes. They made sure to pair it well with chapati which, being a major fan of, I appreciated very much. The chicken is spicy but not too hot and blends well with the calm notes of the chapati.


The goat curry with chapati, is rich in flavour, the grilled goat leg is a winner for anyone that likes nyama choma but my favorite main dish was the tusker BBQ pork belly. The pork was soft and juicy and tasted equally as good as it looked. I usually don't come across pork belly at most restaurants I go to and this had me wondering "why not?!". Overall the pork belly was superb and in the running for my favorite thing to put in my mouth.

Goat Curry and Crispy Tusker BBQ Pork Belly with Mashed Sweet Potato 

7. Desserts

Mandazi Chai Ice-Cream Sandwich and Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie 

Dessert is always my favorite part of a meal. I love sweet things that make you think twice about your health choices. They’re always so darn good. And Nyama Mama didn’t disappoint one bit. Their chocolate sweet potato pie was great. The sweet potato and chocolate were a genius combo full of flavour and delight. 

The star of the dessert menu however was the mandazi chai ice-cream sandwich. Remember how I said the brioche tasted like happiness? Well this was double that. It was the perfect ending to a spicy menu.  

Mama’s unique take on Kenyan food and culture has not gone unnoticed by international travellers. The UK’s Evening Standard recently recommended it as a must visit on the Nairobi scene and comparable to a unique concept that would just as easily fit into London’s vibrant restaurant scene and we agree. Nyama Mama is the perfect place to eat, chill out and make memories with firends and/or family. 

Food review attended by: 

KB Squad, From Left: Rowland Ng'eno, Levis Ryan, Ruby Nita

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