7-Day Meal Plan for Quick Weight Loss

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Posted: September 06, 2017  

Summer is over and some of us didn’t get the chance to shed the extra weight during vacation. It’s not a problem, though. Perfection doesn’t need a season, right? You can perfect your figure any time without fuss and worry. All you need is a will to change and some persistence.

Most people make a mistake of choosing an express diet. However, all methods based on the extreme reduction in caloric content of food give only a short-term result. In 3-7 days of the hard starvation, you lose weight, which includes excess water, muscle tissue and digestive products. Returning to the usual diet means that all these pounds will come back again and possibly with an increase. This review will teach you how to lose weight in the shortest amount of time and without risk:

The most trustworthy system of losing weight is the transition to a healthy diet and daytime exercise. Exclude all products that are a junk from the menu, reduce the portions and engage in swimming, fitness or running, and you will steadily return to your ideal weight. In addition, accepting a responsible approach to nutrition is a sure way to never againg worrying about extra weight.

The meal plan for healthy eating completely excludes such products as: fat meat, smoked products, pickles and marinades, products with confectionery cream, pre-made products, fast food, chips, snacks, sweet soda, and alcohol.

Meal plan for a week
Monday is liquid day. You can drink only water, light vegetable soup or unsweetened fruit juice. Use this time as a natural detoxification period for your body.

Tuesday: This day is dedicated to fresh vegetables; you can eat them in any quantity, make salads with lemon juice dressing. It is necessary to include white cabbage in the Tuesday diet, as it is a product with a negative calorie content, i.e. your body spends more energy than it gets from its digestion.

Wednesday: like Monday, it is a liquid day. Stay strong!

Thursday is a fruit day, eat your favorite fruit in any quantity (except for bananas, persimmon and grapes).

Friday is a protein diet day. You can treat yourself with soft-boiled eggs (not more than 2), boiled chicken fillet (not more than 400g) and low-fat yoghurt (without sugar and syrups).

Saturday is a day to get back to your light drinks regime.

Sunday: We gradually pause the diet, to make your menu can be more diverse. Sip a cup of unsweetened tea and eat a couple of boiled eggs, during lunch you can eat kiwis or oranges, chicken soup or lean veal, you can also eat any kinds of fruit, and the dinner consists of salad with fresh leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

Again, it is crucial to eat healthy all the time. But this extreme addition meal plan will make you love what you see in the mirror. Stay healthy and appreciate yourself no matter what.

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