6 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Mum

Article by Mums Village
Posted: January 29, 2019  

Here are our six attainable resolutions new mums should adopt.

1. Create an easy daily routine you can live with.

Mornings, especially the school ones, are the most stressful for mums. First you have the cranky toddler who you coerce using the TV to have breakfast. Then there is the whole choosing of what they want to wear, dragging their feet when it’s time to brush teeth. It’s all so exasperating that by the time you look up, they are running late and you are already late.

Solution: Get your kids accustomed to an easy daily routine that is balanced and realistic. Most people can’t accomplish more than 1-3 meaningful things in a day (source Living Your Legend). Don’t schedule more than you can both manage, set aside 2 hours each Sunday to plan your week. This way you can schedule the important work and family things. Routines also give children a feel of security and helps them develop self-discipline and reduces your role as a referee. Who knows, with this, you might actually start leaving the house on time too.

2. Nannies are Human too, they are not perfect.

“Mama, diapers zimeisha na pia wipes, nilisahau kuandika,” (Mama, we have run out of diapers and wipes too, I forgot to add them to the shopping list). Unless you have a super nanny, these words or similar ones have met you at the door as you haul an armload of your weekly shopping. Before you flip, remember you can’t do it all, nannies are human too. They also have personal issues to deal with, that you have no idea of.

Word from the wise, if you have a nanny that does 80% of her job well, then don’t dwell on the 20%. This year, Shed off your ‘supermum super human mentality’, its ok to leave some things undone. It will help you appreciate the mum experience more.

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