6 Fun Activities for a Weekend Around Nairobi

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Posted: September 20, 2019

The weekend is here again, coming in like a tide. And according to the Met department, it’s officially Kenya’s “summer” – for a few weeks we hope! So how can you get out there, soak up some sun and good vibes?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

We have put together a list of fun activities that you and your family can engage in this weekend.

And the best part? These activities come at super pocket-friendly prices.

Lets dive right in shall we?

Watch a play or dance

Drama and theater may have seemed to lose out to this digital age, but from looking at the Nairobi theatre scene, theater is not going anywhere anytime soon. Theater’s evolution has come full circle, and while we might attribute this to change in taste and the appeal of hyper localized content; the need for something real and tangibly, and the virility of social media has a lot to do with Nairobi’s recent migration of art lovers back to theater auditoriums. And we are here for all of it!

New acts, script writers, actors and producers, have in the recent passed enjoyed sold out shows and rave reviews. Acts like ‘Sarafina’, Bikozulu’s play; Breathe, the phenomenon that is 2 Eearly for Birds among other local acts have been able to revel in the bloom of this theatre arts renaissance.

Make a date this weekend and immerse yourself in a play, who knows you may just like it !

Plays and dances will set you back between 500 bob and 1500 per head but the experience is worth every coin.

Here are a few spots you can check out:

Kenya National Theatre

Invisible Crown

Oshwal Auditorium

Alliance Francaise

Simba Auditorium

Louis Leakey Auditorium

Shooting Ranges

Against common belief that shooting is a sport practiced  by the elite, in recent times it has become more of a common sport in Nairobi. Several shooting spots have been established since the rise in interest among fun-loving Kenyans willing to engage in the sport.

So If you want to unveil your inner “John Wick” the hobby would cost you an average  2000bob per session. Try the Kenya regiment rifle club or the National Gun Owners Association for a start.


Cascading full speed down a zip-line. Experiencing the adrenaline, the thrill and the whoosh of air past your ears is an experience to live for. As long as high adrenaline activities have been around, zip-lining has taken the top spot on the list of high adrenaline activities Kenya has to offer.

With a number of new zip-lining spots continuing to sprout in Kenya, this sport remains highly popular and is quickly claiming a permanent spot in the hearts of adrenaline junkies in Kenya.

You most probably would part with around 1000 bob, depending on the spot you go to. Here are a few place you should check out:

The Forest

Machakos People’s Park

Rapids Camp Sagana

Ngong Hills Zip Line


At face value, rolling a large steel ball down a narrow aisle with the aim of knocking down a set of pins standing at the end of the aisle may seem uninteresting but when done with a group of friends it promises to spark up that sense of competition and the thrill that comes with it.

As long as the sport has been around, it hasn’t received as much recognition as it deserves, but the sport still has loyal fans.

For a fee of 500 bob give or take you can engage take to the bowling aisles and try something new.

Here are places you can go to in Nairobi:

Nairobi Club

Village Market


Zumba is a fun, dance-based workout routine practiced as a form of cardio. Some of the benefits of zumba include; burning of calories (this has everything to do with the fact that Zumba is a high energy aerobic form of exercise), building body endurance, improving overall body posture , reducing anxiety and improving overall body coordination.

This form of exercise is a good alternative to a jogging on a treadmill or other forms of high energy exercises. Its ability to be blended with music to set a pace for the workouts make is even more enjoyable compared to other aerobics exercises in its class.

A zumba session will set you back around 500bob depending on the establishment you choose to go to. These are some great starting spots:

Premier Fitness Centre

Laurasam Fitness Centre

Weight Watchers Kenya ltd Fitness Studio

Bikram Yoga Nairobi

The Saints Health Club


As part urban culture in Kenya, cycling has become a pivotal form of leisure among the Nairobi fun loving populace. Cycling has enormous benefits to its name including: burning calories, enjoyment, improving endurance and building overall muscle strength.

The rise and rise of cycling as a leisure activity has seen opening up of several nature trails that are fit for cyclists to ride and enjoy great family time. The other perks of this form of sport is the fact that can be enjoyed as a family sport.

To enjoy this sport you don’t necessarily have to own a bicycle of your own, these nature trails offer bicycle hiring services where you pay an amount of roughly 500bob.

Here are several bike riding spaces you can enjoy in Nairobi :

Oloolua Nature Trail

Karura Forest

The Forest

Get out there. Have fun!

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