5 Ways to Plan Your Travel Differently in 2021

Article by Oliver Nash
Posted: January 22, 2021  

The COVID-19 pandemic may have paused travel but not our dreams of traveling! A rebound in international tourism is likely in the latter half of this year according to UNWTO’s Panel of Experts but travel is going to be different.

What will change? All kinds of things from holiday destinations to modes of travel to types of places people will stay. The travel industry will also continue to adopt an increasingly digital ‘contact-less’ approach for most things – from travel planning to customer engagement, with continued emphasis on hygiene and better travel insurance. 

Here are five tips for organizing your 2021 vacation:

Plan, Plan, Plan

This is not the year for impromptu or whimsical trips across the country, finding places to stay and eat as you go. Travellers should be more wary of where to stay, travel, and eat, and should leave less to chance.  

Make it an exclusive experience

Budget trips that involve cheap flights, hostels and homestays, group tours, public transport, and more have long been the hallmarks of millennial travel. However, this is the year for a more exclusive experience, either solo or in a small group. Think single/double rooms, private transport (cabs, cycles, walking) – and other precautions that help you avoid a lot of other people.

Discover Second City Travel

Rather than heading to the capital cities and best known tourist sites, try exploring lesser-known destinations in the same country. This not only helps reduce over-tourism and environmental impact, but you’ll be helping to spread the wealth. And you’ll probably have a much more authentic experience and enjoy it more.

Use Digitalised Travel Planning

The world digitized in leaps and bounds last year and this trend will continue- from booking flights, to planning transport and accommodation, to visa applications.  Online travel planners, ‘doorstep’ visa services, eVisa services, courier for passport return, self-check-in kiosks at airports are all more common. Take advantage of these services to avoid crowded public spaces. 

Plan it Now

So many people postponed their 2020 travel. With the vaccine coming and travel re-opening, there is likely to be a travel peak period across the globe this summer. If you’re normally a last-minute planner, we suggest that this year, you plan ahead to avoid disappointment. But this is also likely to be another tumultuous year so we also suggest that you get travel insurance in case all your plans get thwarted by a new lockdown.

Even with so much uncertainty currently clouding our travel dreams, there’s much to look forward to. Happy Travels!




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