5 Throwback Thursdays’ Kenyan Hits We Should Always Listen To

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Posted: February 20, 2020

We all look forward to throwbacks especially when you want to get in that groove mood. These throwback hits are always and still will be golden hits despite their release into the music world. Here are the five throwback hits we still listen to this very day;


Kleptomaniax – Tuendelee

The Kenyan Rap group Kleptomaniax consisting of Roba (Robert Manyasa), Collo (Collins Majale)and Nyashinski (Nyamari Ongegu) made their hit song ”Tuendelee”, one for the records. Their 2004 biggest hit was written as a response for the ”Diss track” by hip hop musicians such as Bamboo, who criticised the Kapuka music style performed by Kleptomaniax.


Jimwat – Under 18

James”Jim” Wathigo Mburu, better known by his stage names Jimwat and Jimwizzy, is a Genge Kenyan rapper. In 2012 Jim released his most popular track to date ,Under 18, featuring Meg C. The hit single still makes kenyans listen and remember the golden days that music was chill and hype.


Longombas – Vuta Pumz

Christian and Levy Longomba blessed us with their music in 2002, this was their best year in which they also dropped ”Dondosa”, ”Piga Makofi” and ”Shika More”. Vuta Pumz being one of their prestigious tracks at the time , it has won over kenyans hearts. The track brings back memories one’s had with friends in their prime fun times of the year.


Czars – Amka Ukatike

Young fast rising local musician Abdulkarim Mohammed popularly known as C-Zar’s vanished without trace at the peak of his career in 2006. His hit single made a big impact during it’s year and won over a lot of kenyans. Despite his long pause from the music industry his prowess will still be known till date.


Gidi Gidi Maji Maji – Unbwogable

Kenyan hip hop duo from Nairobi Maji Maji (Julius Owino) and Gidi Gidi (Joseph Oyoo) who are known to use Luo language, with some English and Swahili in their lyrics.  In 2002 the duo came with their biggest hit to date Unbwogable and an album of the same name. The song was also adopted as an anthem for Mwai Kibaki’s victorious presidential election campaign, whose party used their favorite song “Unbwogable” as their political anthem. The popular hit single comes to most kenyan listeners as a witty and fun song.

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