5 Steps to clean out your closet

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: July 16, 2020

If you own a huge number of clothes and you seem not to know what to wear on a daily basis, this might be a sign to clean out your closet. Cleaning out your closet can be a daunting task, especially if you have accumulated many items over the years. Here is a simple step by step process to make it easier on yourself.

Set time for the task

The first step is to allocate adequate time to go through your closet. This will vary with the size of your closet but you will generally need 2 to 5 hours to go through all your items and categorize them.

Empty and clean your whole closet

When it’s D-day you will need to take out all of your clothes, shoes and accessories from your closet and lay them on your bed. This will encourage you to finish dealing with them before bedtime arrives. Next thing is to wash your closet, wipe the surfaces, doors and handles and let the space air out. After this, take a breather. Go out for a walk to get a clear head and deal with emotions that may be arising.

Tackle the pile

When you are back and energized, the work begins. You may need music, water and some snacks to power through the whole pile. Start by sorting the clothes into four different piles; the clothes you love, the clothes you are unsure about, the clothes to sell or donate and the clothes in poor condition. The trick is not to think about it excessively but to go with your first reaction.

Box unwanted items

Once you have sorted all the clothes in piles, box the items you have decided to donate or sell and store them somewhere out of sight. Then throw away the clothes in bad condition. For the two remaining piles, you may need to try them on and ask yourself in all honesty if you would buy the items were they in store now or if you would wear the items in the next months. This will help you significantly reduce the pile. If you get rid of other items, box them up with the donate/sell pile and store them out of sight.

Arrange your closet

For the remaining pile of clothes that you love and will keep, you can begin arranging them in your closet. Choose a theme to work with, you can either color coordinate your closet or arrange it according to the different seasons of the year. Strive to keep clothes you frequently wear  (sleeping or work-out clothes) in an easy-to-reach location as this will help keep your closet organized. Congratulations! You have successfully cleaned out your closet!

Bonus: Project 333

If you would like to greatly reduce the number of clothes you own, The Project 333 Challenge is a good place to start. This project is minimalistic in nature and was invented by Courtney Carver with the goal of reducing the number of clothes she owned. It involves selecting 33 pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories in total that you would wear for the next 3 months. The rest is boxed up and stored out of sight for review after the 3 months have elapsed. It is important not to include underwear, sleepwear, loungewear and work-out clothes in your pile of 33 items but the clothes must be actually used for no other purpose. Find out more about Project 333 here.

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