5 Kenyan Spin-Offs of Famous TV Shows That We Want to See

5 Kenyan Spin-Offs of Famous TV Shows That We Want to See

Our job here is to keep you updated on the best entertainment in movies and TV that you should catch. But, sometimes we feel like there are movies and shows that should exist yet, for some reason, they don’t. So, why not pitch our own TV shows, we thought. We simply can’t keep these brilliant ideas to ourselves anymore. We’ve given a Kenyan spin to some of your favourite TV series and we can already see ourselves at the next Emmy’s.

  1. Game of Throws’

This one is inspired by Game of Thrones. Kenyans like throwing stones when things go wrong, throwing uncensored comments on social media by attacking others and at times even insults. In this Kenyan spin off, you’ll watch the full power of our petty nature. See how in Game of Thrones we have, “You either win or die”? In Game of Throws, the tag line is, “Utajua hujui..”

  1. How To Get Away With KDF

As we wait for the crossover between Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, there’s another Kenyan series you might miss. How To Get Away With KDF, abbreviated as HTGAWK, follows the lengths to which Kenyans will go to secure a KDF. What is KDF you ask? It’s a special type of snack, with such a delicious taste, it’s believed to take its consumers to Nirvana. Watch all the escapades in this new Kenyan show!

  1. The Fakes

Forget The Originals. We don’t really have a taste for vampires. But colour me interested about this TV series called The Fakes. The expansive cast is rumoured to include slay queens, slay kings, conmen, dubious preachers like the one who has a church that’s all about drinking and all things crazy and the like. The cat fights and the ‘plastic’ glamour is what you will get in this Kenyan drama series.

  1. Black KPLC-Lightning

How many times do you experience electricity blackouts? Let me answer that for you; enough times for you to complain almost every day of the week. So this Kenyan series, based on the new superhero series Black Lightning, is one for the books. I’m sure you watch it every week, without even knowing.

  1. 13 Reasons Why Late

One thing about Kenyans is that we are always late. There is American time, German time, African time and my friends, you do not want to joke with Kenyan time keepers. This TV show is one that you shouldn’t miss so keep time to catch an episode.




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