5 Great First Date Restaurants in Nairobi

5 Great First Date Restaurants in Nairobi

Fellas, if you have been cracking your head thinking of where to take that special girlfor the first date, we have some suggestions to help you out. These are the restaurants with the perfect ambience (and food) that is guaranteed to easeboth your nerves and set a great mood for a flowing conversation.
You want to take your lady to a place where she will feel both comfortable and special at the same time. Remember that it helps to show up with a rose too.

1.  Artcaffé at Westgate

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The Grand ArtCaffé at Westgate makes for the ideal spot for any date. This I say with the section upstairs in mind because there is soft lighting and its very private therefore you and your date can comfortably converse without the distant noises from other clients. 
If you opt for a breakfast date then try out the ArtCaffé at the Hub. Art has a finger-licking good choice for breakfast meals -the waffles are simply a must-have.

2.  River Cafe at Karura Forest

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The Al fresco restaurant is a perfect pick for a first date. It would be a good idea to spice things up with a nature trail through which you can get to know each other and finish it off with a delicious meal at the restaurant which overlooks the evergreen forest. The fresh smell and exotic birds will certainly set in a romantic feel

3. Ocean Basket at The Oval

If the lady you’ve set your eyes on is a lover of sea food, then Ocean basket is definitely the place to be. The food is absolutely delicious and the restaurant has a breathtaking ambience as well as a nice selection of  wine (which come in a carafe) which you can compliment your food with. The downbeat music will also do a lot in minimizing the tension.

4. Seven Seafood and Grill

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This exquisite restaurant that is located at ABC place along  Waiyaki Way and is perfect if she’s the type who likes fine dining. The dim lights create a great ambience for any first date. The menu also offers a wide range of dishes which you can both choose from- don’t forget to try out the dessert menu, you will not regret it!

5. NewsCafe at Adlife Plaza

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The elegant setting of the South African franchise (with a strict dress code in the evening hours) will make any lady satisfied from the moment they walk through the restaurant doors. It’s well known for its wide selection of delicious cocktails which you can accompany with your meal- once they set in, the conversation will flow smoothly. 

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