5 Amazing Kenyan Christmas Gifts That Also Benefit a Good Cause

5 Amazing Kenyan Christmas Gifts That Also Benefit a Good Cause

Christmas is time of giving and sharing what we have with those around us. With that in mind, Christmas can be a hectic time in terms of gift giving. If it so happens you are stuck on what gift to get your loved one, here are some gift ideas that are not only thoughtful, but also support a good cause.

1. Ocean Sole

Their ethos? Having a waste free ocean by upcycling flip flops that get washed up on the beaches of the Indian Ocean and turning them into functional and decorative art pieces. Last year, 520,000 flip flops were collected from our beaches posing a major threat to marine life. You can support them by either buying their art, or becoming a re-seller. Find more information on their website.

2. Kazuri

Started in 1975 as a small workshop with two single mothers as the employees, Kazuri beads has grown to employ 300 single mothers in it’s operation. Kazuri specialises in hand made ceramic beads which they incorporate into jewellery. They have outlets in some of the major malls around Nairobi. The factory is located in Mbagathi Ridge, Karen.

3. Kenya Arts Diary

Started in 2011, Kenya Arts Diary serves as a weekly calender and a catalogue of local and East African artists, giving them a unique platform to showcase their art. To check out the featured artwork, visit The Kenya Arts Diary 2019 exhibition at Alliance Francaise until October 31st. You can buy the 2019 diary at Text Book Centre.

4. Adopt an elephant at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

For a minimum of $50 a year, you can register online as a foster parent to an orphaned baby elephant from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Sponsorship allows you private visits with your orphan- an amazing experiential gift for kids and adults alike. The funds go towards care and upkeep of the orphans until they are strong enough to go back to the wild. Find full details on their website.

5. Gardening in East Africa Book

At 677 pages, Gardening in East Africa by Kenya Horticultural Society (KHS) is packed with useful information on how to start and maintain a garden. It widens one’s perspective to view the garden not just as an aesthetic to your compound, but as a necessity. Gardens can provide micro habitats and breeding grounds for insects such as butterflies and if they don’t gross you out, the East African frog which is endangered. With pollution levels through the roof, plants can play an important role in boosting the quality of air that we breath. From an economic standpoint, kitchen gardens will save you a lot of money. Gardening in East Africa is available at major bookshops.




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