4 year Old Kodjoe Mwobie Writes in Arabic and Can Count to 10,000 in Japanese

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: April 13, 2021  

While most preschoolers are still learning their ABCs and watching age-appropriate Peppa pig, Kodjoe Mwobie  is writing in Cyrillic, Katakana, Arabic, and counting to 10,000 in Japanese. And he’s only 4!  We caught up with child prodigy  Kodjoe Mwobie and his Mum Matilda and they let us in on how this all started, nurturing this gift, plans for the future and if child geniuses do “ normal kid stuff”.

KB: Matilda, when did you first notice Kodjoe wasn’t just doodling random things and was writing in ancient European &  East Asian syllabary?

I noticed he loved writing at 18 months and I would use a pen and paper to distract him. He would be so engrossed and wouldn’t give me a hard time during meal times and grooming.

KB: And did he always exhibit astounding behaviour even as a baby? 

As a baby he was very keen on routines and was very observant.

KB: Did you try to look up what he was writing using a translation app?If so, what did you find? 

I  googled it and found it was Russian.

KB:  What other fascinating things can Kodjoe do? 

He plays scrabble and he is very interested in playing the piano.

KB:   People were baking banana bread and watching a lot of DIY videos during quarantine.  What exciting things did Kodjoe get up to? 

He learnt Japanese both alphabet and numbers, the Russian alphabet, a bit of Swahili, Arabic and very recently Korean. He knows the German alphabet but I don’t think he enjoys it very much since he doesn’t write or say it as much as the others.

KB:  What do the teachers in school think about your little genius?

They treat him like all the other children but I completely appreciate them for not killing his creativity. He sometimes challenges authority and he is always in trouble for extending homework and not following bells and getting him from the playground is truly an extreme sport.

KB:  Obviously, Kodjoe is no ordinary kid. But does he do “ordinary” kid stuff? 

Yes. He does your ordinary hickory dickory docks, wheels of the bus and baby sharks. He enjoys playing with other children and especially enjoys his cousins’ company and his puppy Bubba. He also enjoys physical activities, especially swimming and playing football.

KB: Naturally, as a mum, you’d want to tell others about your exceptional child. Has an organization reached out to you to help nurture Kodjoe’s gift? 

Not yet.

KB:  What are your  aspirations for Kodjoe? 

To be optimized and be the best version of himself and reach his full potential.

KB: Hi Kodjoe, can you show us something cool?



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