4 Out-of-the-box Ideas to Help Escalate your Bar

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Posted: July 27, 2022  

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A bar business can provide the perfect remedy for such individuals. Below are some tips to make your bar standout from the competitors.

Setting up a bar business that stands out and ideally caters to customers’ needs sounds to have long odds. Regardless of it being such a risky and unpredictable venture, it can be highly remunerative if done precisely. 

First and foremost, you must distinguish your target audience as everything associated with your bar must resonate with them. From the venue, menus, interior decor, specific atmosphere, and price points to timings, every detail should translate your purpose and what you have in store for your intended crowd. Creating the perfect ambiance by following fresh trends will appeal to more customers and help retain them as regulars. 

Here is a set of not-so-complicated tactics to lead your way in adding a personal touch to your bar and cost-effectively ascend your business.

Host themed game nights

Customers are frequently seeking out more than just a few drinks. Many folks are looking for a spot where they can socialize, release some tension to end an overwhelming day, celebrate an achievement, or just have a decent time and relax. 

An effective way is to host weekly game nights with different themes that can be seasonal, related to sports, holidays, etc. Promoting these events through eye-catching flyers can work effectively. To achieve this, you may consult services like PosterMyWall, which offer a wide variety of templates. 

Retro arcades, board/card games, drinking games like bar roulette, beer pong, etc., and trivia quizzes are reasonable classics that engage all ages. These interactive experiences make customers stay longer and spend more time in your bar, increasing your sales. 

One way to elevate and practicalize this is to excite patrons by awarding gift cards or discount coupons to winners of these games. Such crowd-pleasing and addictive activities keep customers lingering around your doorstep throughout the week.

Create a presence online

It is also extremely vital to promote your business online to achieve a significant reach. You can do it by posting various astounding visual content, which you can achieve through social media publishing. PosterMyWall has great customizable templates for you to look into. Setting up a striking website for your bar will let customers know about your business, including the location, menu, and overall vibe, and even leave reviews. 

An affirmative response will be beyond doubt to bring in foot traffic at your bar. Remember that your website shouldn’t be obsolete and difficult to navigate as you want customers to have an effortless experience throughout. You will be doing your business a huge favor by adding the menu online, as most people check out snack and drink options and online reviews when contemplating where to spend their night out.

Another tip is to connect with influencers that your target audience is likely to be fond of and proffer them a visit to avail free drinks or discounts in exchange for them advocating your business to their followers. It will surely earn you some potential customers.

Offer karaoke service to scale up entertainment

A study finds that offering karaoke remarkably positively influences customers to prolong their visit to entertainment venues, inducing profits. Considering how competitive this market can get, owners always look for out-of-the-box and tempting strategies that customers struggle to avoid. 

You can try featuring themed costume nights with carefully assorted playlists to match the genre, whether it be ’70s rock, a popular film or disco, etc., giving out coupons to a special customer every night appreciating their liveliness and even rendering discounts during karaoke hours to amplify the experience for patrons. One way to market this service and grant exposure to this service is karaoke night graphics in the form of note-worthy flyers and posters. 

To create buzz, you can put them up in local cafes and popular hangout spots. To fulfill these needs, you can resort to several services like PosterMyWall, with several customizable templates for you to explore. These strategies will spark enthusiasm among patrons and encourage them to head to your club.

Engage with the community

To make your bar thrive for a longer time, you will need to get involved with the community and connect with clientele to show your devotion, which will build loyalty. You can do this by making your bar pet-friendly and embracing hospitality to various groups of people like the physically disabled community and others. Hosting or even sponsoring special events for such communities like fairs, concerts, etc., once in a while helps promote inclusivity. 

Allowing popups will provide access to exclusive products to your customers. You can also cross-market your customer base with other bar businesses to sustain fellowship with competitors. The friendly behavior of bartenders and how they relate with customers will push them to come again. Your employees can truly spiralize customer experience if given the freedom of creativity; for instance, many bartenders have signature drinks to exhibit their skills. This way, your bar’s names will be the focus of attention among patrons.

Final verdict

Running a successful bar can seem to be quite challenging on the surface. Still, if you research correctly and work on accurate components, you will likely guarantee a fruitful business. You ought to follow paths that set your bar apart from competitors, portraying your business in good light. 

Approaches like setting realistic goals, awareness of the intended audience, complimentary services like karaoke, themed game nights, and delivering hospitality to numerous communities will help you generate business in no time. Another important thing to note is consistency in promotions by social media scheduling. 

PosterMyWall has excellent templates to check out.  Try working on your strengths in quest of truly standing out.  Always consider your customer’s opinions so you can successfully meet their expectations when looking for a place to hang out, socialize, relax and escape from their busy lives for a while.

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