4 Important Documents Your Child Needs

4 Important Documents Your Child Needs

As a new mum, dad, or parent you may have many questions regarding your journey and what you need to make it easier for you and your baby. With a new baby comes birth certificates, vaccination schedules and visits to the hospital and new travel plans if you constantly travel with your child.

Birth Certificate

This is the most important document for your little one. It’s legal proof that you’re the parent of the child and shows important information such as where your child was born, it’s midwife, the birthdate and the name of the other parent if you chose to include them.

A birth certificate is a gateway for all other documents you wish to get for your child such as a passport, enrolling them in school, KCPE/KCSE exam registration and ultimately getting a driver’s licence.

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2. Vaccination Records

Vaccination records and documents show where and when certain vaccinations were administered and guide a physician in knowing where you are in terms of following the vaccination schedule. These records are important in showing your child’s medical history as well as joining daycares and or kindergartens.

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3. NHIF Card and Medical Documents

One of the best step when planning for a child is taking maternity insurance and thereafter adding your child to your NHIF insurance cover. Maternity insurance cover for your antenatal and postnatal hospital bills and NHIF can subsidize the insurance giving you a great financial cover as a whole.

In this regard, keep your health insurance near, add your child as a dependant if you are yet to do so or register them for a health insurance cover.

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