‘2:22’ Review: Coincidence Turns into Fate

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Posted: September 14, 2017  


“One of the most fascinating movies you’ll see this year.

I’m not a big believer in coincidence but 2:22, an American-Australian indie thriller, makes a convincing argument for the possibility of a remarkable concurrence of events. The movie is directed by Australian filmmaker Paul Currie whose last directorial feature was way back in 2004, although he recently lent his creativity to one of 2016’s best films Hacksaw Ridge as a producer.

2:22 Movie Review

2:22 follows Dylan Branson, played by Michiel Huisman (who you may remember as one-time Daenerys arm candy Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones), an air-traffic controller who studied to be a pilot but felt he’d always be in the shadow of his father, who was a phenomenal pilot. At the beginning, he narrates the daily routines of his job, and how it’s all about patterns that correlate. He has this unique ability to be aware of how things will play out before they do. You can tell he is good at his job. That’s until one fateful day when a brief flash of distraction nearly brings two passenger planes to a near collision. This occurrence which happens at exactly 2:22 pm gets him suspended, pending an official review.

A chain of coincidental events follows Dylan during his period off work most mysteriously linked to the number 2:22. After a chance encounter with Sarah (played by another Hacksaw Ridge alum, Teresa Palmer) at ballet dance, and falling in love, he discovers that they are both turning 30 in a week’s time. At Grand Central Terminal, either glass shatters or light flickers at 2:22 pm. He also sees different people within the same chain of events that led up to his birthday. What could it all mean?

‘2:22’ Review: Coincidence Turns into Fate

The film takes the audience through twists and turns that weave between coincidence and fate. As Dylan enlists the help of A Beautiful Mind-like clear glass boards to crack the puzzling events, 2:22 unravels as a suspenseful and intelligent film that’s more than just the fatal love story falsely sold by the trailer. Screenwriters Nathan Parker and Todd Stein do a bang up job tying up the events of the movie at the end for a satisfying reveal.

If you’re looking for a tense, edge-of-the-seat movie that will pique your curiosity, then go see 2:22.

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